Video 01 Lewis Dot Structure

Video 01 Lewis Dot Structure

Video 02 Examples on Lewis Dot Structure And Formal Charge

Video 03 Example And Questions , Redox

Video 04 Homolysis And Hetrolysis, Co-valance And Examples

Video 05 Sigma,pi bonds And lone pairs , Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) Theory And Examples

Video 06 Summary Table , Generic Formula VSEPR And Example And Questions

Video 07 Inert Pair Effect of Electron And Hybridization , Example on Hybridization

Video 08 Types of Hybridization , Questions on Hybridization , Variation of Size of periodic table

Video 09 Questions on Hybridization , Flipping of Ammonia And Bent’s rule

Video 10 Hybridization And Acidity , Bond Length And Bond Angle

Video 11 Questions On Bond Angle , Dipole Moment , Electronegativity , Polar Molecules In An Electric Field , Debye Unit And Charge express method

Video 12 Difference in Polar Bond and Polar Molecules , Dipole Moment And Questions , Halogen Derivatives

Video 13 Questions On Dipole Moment And Symmetry , Melting Point

Video 14 Hydrogen Bonding With Examples And Types Of H-Bonding With Examples

Video 15 H-Bonding And Physical Properties , Questions , Chloral Hydrate

Video 16 Questions

Video 17 Exercise Questions And Gas Laws

Video 18 Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory And Example

Video 19 MO Diagram Of Hydrogen Helium

Video 20 Questions On Molecular Orbital (MO) Theory , Wave Function And Equation , Nodal Plane

Video 21 Questions On Chemical Bonding And Hydrolysis

Video 22 Questions On Hydrolysis , Sulphurous , Oleum

Video 23 Molecule Bonding With Example And Questions

Video 24 Steric Number

Video 25 S-P mixing , Back bonding

Video 26 Back bonding,Bridge bonding

01 Introduction of Mole Concept , Related Question

01 Introduction of Mole Concept , Related Question

Video 02 Molarity , Related Question

Video 03 Related Question , Valency Factor , Redox

Video 04 Balancing of Redox Reaction

Video 05 Related Question

Video 06 Equivalent , Normality

Video 07 Concept of Equivalent , Related Question

Video 08 Disproportionation Reaction , Equation Stoichiometry

Video 09 Synating Reagent

Video 10 Limiting Reagent

Video 11_mole_m_&_n

Video 12 Mole Concept

Video 13 _mole_on_vol_fraction_mass

Video 14 Mole Concept

Video 15_mole_on_redox_rxns

Video 16_mole_titrations

Video 17_Mole_Titrations_Indicators

Video 18_mole_indicators

Video 19_Mole_Ph_Curves_Indicators

Video 20_Mole_Problems_On_Redox_rxns

Video 21 Indicator Colour , Double Indicator Titration , Related Questions

Video 22 Mixture of Bases , Hydrogen Peroxide

Video 23 Related Questions

Video 24 Iodometric & Iodometric Titration , Related Question

Video 25 Concentration Terms and Interconversion , Molality into Molarity

Video 26 Iodinetric and Bleaching Powder Related Examples and Questions

Video 27 Hardness of Water , Related Question

Video 28 Oleum , Related Questions

Video 29 Related Question

Video 30 Equivalent Weight Related Questions

Video 31 Hydrated Salts Related Questions

Video 32 Molmap Related Question

Video 33 Molmap Related Question

Video 34 Redox Reaction Related Question

Video 35 Redox Reaction Related Question

Video 36 Redox Titrations Related Question

Video 37 Redox Titrations Related Question

Video 38 Molarity and Normality Related Question

Video 39 Molarity and Normality Related Question

Video 40 Acid- Base Titration Related Question

Video 41 Acid- Base Titration Related Question

Video 42 Indicators Related Questions

Video 43 Redox Titrations Related Question

Video 44 Redox Titrations Related Question

01 Effects, Intermediates Mechanism, Sigma pi Bond, Conjugation,

01 Effects, Intermediates Mechanism, Sigma pi Bond, Conjugation,

Video 02 Questions, Resonance And Related Examples

Video 03 Rules of Resonance And Examples

Video 04 +M Group, -M Group, Acid Base Theory, Electron Density, Resonance/Conjugation, Equivalent Resonance, Multiple Resonance, Extended Conjugation

Video 05 Cross Conjugation, Strong And weak Acid, Related Questions, Inductive Effect

Video 06 Related Question, Number, Nature & Distance

Video 07 Acid Behaviour, Electronegativity And Examples

Video 08 Acid Base Reactions, Related Examples

Video 09 Structure of amphiprotic ions / salt , Ortho effect , Related Examples , Meta directing group

Video 10 Related Examples and Question , Basicity of Ammonia and Amines , Related Question and Examples

Video 11 Aromaticity , Huckel’s Rule , Related Example

Video 12 Related Question and Example

Video 13 Related Question ,Tautomerism , General Representation Tautomerism , Related Example and Questions

Video 14 Hyperconjugation , stability of alkene with hyperconjugation , Electrophilic substitution

Video 15 Intermediate , Fornation of carbocation , having group

Video 16 Carbocation Formation Methods , Carbocation from Alcohol . Stability of carbocation , Related Questions and Examples

Video 17 Rearrangement of carbocation , End of carbocation , Related Examples

Video 18 Carbocation Mechanism , Bresits rule , Related Questions

Video 19 Related Examples and Questions , Important Notes

Video 20 Carbanions , Formation of Carboamin , Organometal , Related Questions

Video 21 Reaction of Carbanions , Reaction of acidic H , Related Examples and Questions

Video 22 Chemistry of H , Related Questions

Video 23 Free Radicals , Free Radical shows / Free radical substitutions